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Let's co-create an intention & a vision for your Photo Shoot

Pre-Photo Shoot & Design Consult: 

An iquiry conversaton to see if we are a good fit, hopefully in person over a glorious cup of good coffee.

We will discuss such things as how you dream of being photographed and what you hope to achieve in the end.

Preparing For your Photo Shoot:

Stuff you already know but might forget!

For radiant skin: 

  • Moisturise after bathing
  • Exfoliate routinely, have a fascial a week before
  • Fake tans can look great at first but quickly blotch off and are not recommended
  • Avoid getting sun tan lines or sun burnt before the shoot
  • Don’t pick at pimples. They are easy to cover up and erase in post
  • For that all round Radiance inside and out: 
    • Days leading up to your portrait shoot – live clean & healthy for that extra glow
    • Day prior, get a good nights rest, avoid over-indulging in food and alcohol
    • Prepare some healthy, energy boosting snacks and drinks for during & after the shoot


For Hair: 

  • Eyebrows professionally shaped, unwanted fascial hair removed/waxed
  • Hair deep conditioned, roots touched up
  • Fresh trim
  • If have my professional Hair & Makeup done, get on Pinterest for ideas.
  • Teeth are clean and pearly white
  • Nails (fingers and toes) clean, moisturised and manicured
    • Treat yourself to a mani-pedi the day before
    • Wedding rings and jewlery sparkling clean
  • Wardrobe organised (at least 2 outfits) including footwear if doing full length shots


For Children:

  • Prepare snacks, a change of clothing (just in case) and have activities, props and favourite toys ready to go

Wardrobe Guide:

  • Find inspiration:
    • Check out my wardrobe board on Pinterest 
    • From the tones and feel of your decor so your printed products will feel and look harmonious in your home
    • Select one article of clothing you love for its colour palette and texture, (such as a scarf or a blouse), then build everyone’s outfits around your inspiration
  • Choose coordinated (but not ‘matchy-matchy’), complimentary and harmonious outfits
  • Children are happy in what’s comfortable
  • We beg you – please…. Avoid logos, busy patterns and designs
  • Portraiture is about you, your beautiful personality and idiosyncrasies, not your clothing.
    • Your clothing should not outshine you
    • Simple, clean and muted is the best outcome from an art direction point of view

What to expect during your Photo Shoot

  • The only formality is the signing of the portrait agreement
  • Please don’t feel you need to put on a happy face or perform
  • Relax and be genuine, allow me to find ‘your best side’ and direct you into the best poses for you
    • I will keep a close eye on the details.  As the saying goes “The devil is in the details”
  • For me, portraiture is all about capturing authenticity, connection, inter-dynamics and personality
  • Relax, be yourselves and uninhibitedly connect to each other
  • We want to capture what you only get glimpses of or miss entirely
  • Family Portraits:
    • It get it. All children are cranky one minute, fickle, attentive or shy the next
    • Forcing kids to smile or perform for the camera only makes matters worse
    • Allow the kids to be themselves, have a cuddle and play with them
    • Let us be a family friend for the day, engaging with your kids in a playful, inquisitive manner while evoking their personalities

Print Reveal & Order Appointment

When: After professional photo-retouching is complete. 

  • Booked 3-4 weeks after your photo shoot and conducted at our office in Carmila, Qld
  • Your best images are professionally edited, some given extra fine art treatments, presented in a collection for your portfolio and wall art



  • All bespoke, Australian made products: Portfolios, Fine Art Cotton Rag, Canvas, Timber Framing, Marine Timber,  Acrylic and Infused Aluminum
  • 3 Great Value All inclusive -tick all the boxes Packages: $895, $1595 and $2995
  • A la carte starts from $175


Custom Design Consult for your Wall Portraits: 

  • We will create – to scale, mock ups to realistically view print options (with a smart phone photo of your walls and your top selections) so that you get a clear idea of what your portraits will look like when hung on your walls
  • Once your final selections are made and full payment is received or a payment plan is set up, your personalised art collection is prepared for print, then sent over to our professional print lab for production

Payment Direction:

Cash, BSB or Payment Plans with Ezy Pay 

Ezy Pay Terms:

  • Custom designed payment plans for up to 12 months with a minimum of a 30% deposit
  • Customer load fee (incl. GST) $2.20 
  • Transaction fees (incl. GST) 
  • Bank account $0.33 + 1.5400% of the debit amount
  • Visa / MasterCard $0.33 + 1.5400% of the debit amount
  • American Express / Diners $0.00 + 0.0000% of the debit amount
  • Customer failed payment fee (incl. GST) $9.79
  • Delivery of your bespoke print products is 2-4 weeks from submission to the print lab


Please Note:

  • Additional Reveal and Order appointments are $100 to cover our time
  • Opting for an On-Line Gallery is $500 and that fee applies 100% to your order placed within 1 week, $25 fee for each additional week
  • We archive images you order for 6 months. Unordered images are considered unwanted and are deleted shortly after your Reveal and Order appointment
    • Option: Additional archive time of 6 months attracts a fee of $195
  • Fairness to all clients, prices are non-negotiable and fair for the well earned, custom quality and craftsmanship delivered
  • Prices are subject to change without notice