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Q & A

Q: Do you have a minimum purchase requirement?

A: Absolutely not. Your satisfaction and the quality of my work are my priorities. If you are not happy with your photographs you are not obligated to make a single purchase

Q: Do you provide full resolution image files? 

A: Absolutely with every photograph you purchase

Q: What about social media sharing files?

A: Absolutely with every photograph you purchase

Q: Do you have any specials?

A: I love making my clients super-duper happy. I want to give you that rewarding retail therapy “tick all the boxes” experience. I currently offer 3 collections that tick all the boxes. (Starting at $1200)

I also offer an A La Carte Menu for you minimalists (Started at $275)

Prices subject to change.

Q: How much does your typical client spend?

A: To begin with, my clients are not ‘typical in any manner. You are part of my tribe, and therefore you are exceptional and unique. On average my clients purchase $2400 in printed products

Q: I want to have beautiful portraits made at a location that is special to me.

Will you travel? 

A: Yes. Give me a reason… I am a Canadian expat and an empty nester so escaping Carmila is met with a tad bit of enthusiasm. Where shall we go? Paris? New York? Travel expenses will be quoted for shoots greater than 100 kilometres from our Carmila Studio 

Q: Do you use professional equipment?

A: OK I admit it, I am a girly geek & a gear pig. Currently I shoot on full frame Pro Nikons and Pro Fuji. I use a number of professional Nikkor and Fuji Pro lenses from primes to zooms. I mostly shoot with natural light but when that’s not enough I use different types of lighting from studio to portable


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