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Behind the lens

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Laurie Anne King is currently a North Queensland based portrait and documentary photographer. She thrives on creating introspective and sometimes disruptive portrait essays that reveal the authentic story, noble character and beauty of her subjects. She is particularly focused on ecofeminism and social narratives that are obscured by ethos yet deeply worthy of an audience.

Laurie Anne is also a professional psychic medium and has an extensive background in Alternative Health Care with over 25 years experience in osteopathic, emotional, somatic and neuro-acoustic therapies. In 2012, Laurie Anne made the decision to retire the alternative health care side of her practice and integrate her psychic skills with her passion for portrait & documentary photography, emanating from a deep compassion for the human condition.

“My love of photography is people-centric, regardless of gender, culture or religion. I very much enjoy feeling and capturing the subliminal stories, characteristics and idiosyncrasies that often elude normal observation but once seen are deeply familiar to the observer.  I believe we can all detect inauthenticity in a portrait much like we are all psychic to some degree. Approaching a subject with openness and respect, I use my intuition to gently navigate and evoke endearing genuine expression. To have the opportunity to capture a hint of the narrative of a person is a great honour. My responsibility is to remain receptive and non-judgmental, hold a safe space, offer organic direction and click the shutter at the right moment. When the essence of a person suddenly dances in front of me, time stops and all I can think is ‘seize the moment’. When you look beyond the camera, become present with yourself, breath, ‘let go’ and drop a little bit of your veneer, I have a great chance of capturing who you really are, your true beauty. Let me in and I’ll do my best to gently find you.”