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Behind the lens

I am Laurie Anne. I create a little differently than a traditional photographer. I am a psychic medium, [you are safe – I don’t read minds], artsy, a spiritual feminist, sentimental, introverted, dyslexic, (Taurus alert) practical, down to earth, Canadian. I also have a big flash camera in my hands and I know how to use it to create beautiful portraits.

At 54 years of age, I am committed to being 110% unapologetically authentically who I am. You get the whole package, whiskers and wrinkles, without exception.

I freely celebrate and honour all cultures, ethnicities, and genders, religious and spiritual beliefs. I could not give a hoot about politics.

I am driven to connect with the members of my ‘global tribe’ and make portraits of them that are inspirational and even a little disruptive.

We have work to do, together.

I am waiting for you!

My dream portrait is with a mature woman who has misplaced her self worth with everyone else’s needs and now hides when a camera comes out. Through a wardrobe consult, professional hair and make-up and a contemporary Vanity Fair magazine styled portrait, you are reborn, reclaim self-love and embrace the essence of who you are and your rare beauty.

It’s pretty groovy!

I believe making beautiful portraits of mature women honours the archetype of the wise woman and is therefore essential to modern feminism.

We all have super powers and mine is guiding you through vulnerability to self-connection. My job is making you feel relaxed and confident. Enticing and capturing your elusive ‘self-connection’ follows easily. It’s real. You will feel it. To the observer, it’s melodious and believable.

I believe we all secretly yearn to see within our own reflection the essence and beauty of who we are, the radiance of our being.

That’s what I capture.

Let’s co-create your beautiful portrait, a legacy of you today.

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